Ruebel Gear

Features & FAQ

We Thought About You So You Can Focus On What’s Important
Our products are thoughtfully designed to be versatile companions. Although designed to carry suits and dresses, the Ruebel Pilot and our Weekender Duffle were designed to save you time and simplify your travel experience, so you can use them both for garments and as conventional bags.
In addition to its innovative garment hanging system, the Ruebel Pilot has removable packing cubes for accessories and undergarments, and a separate compartment for shoes. As well, we have incorporated over-size exterior pockets for whatever you might need on the go, such as your phone, charger, travel documents, or laptop.
We're bringing these and other products to market to help you on your journey. Ruebel will help you stay safe & organized. Travel Thoughtfully. 


Is There A Warranty?
Our products are backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

s the Ruebel Pilot carry-on compliant with airline size restrictions?
The Pilot complies with the regulations of most carriers. Its exterior dimensions are 22"x14"x9".

How much can I fit into my Ruebel Pilot?
There’s room for clothes (both on hangers and folded), undergarments, accessories, shoes, toiletries, and more. We use it for longer periods, but find it's perfect for a three to four day trip.