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How To Quickly Get Through Airport Security

How To Quickly Get Through Airport Security

It’s no secret that moving through airport security can be slow, tedious and frustrating. As a seasoned business traveler, this part of your business trip requires some savvy preparation and knowledge of the system so you can sail through security at the airport as quickly as possible. In this blog post, we will share six ways in which you can better prepare before you get to the airport to ensure that you’re able to fly to your destination without any issues or delays.

Early Bird Gets The Less Crowded Flight

Your first priority should be to arrive to airport security when the crowds are minimal. The easiest way to accomplish this is to take the first flight out to your destination. This will be the time when there are fewer people in the airport than any other time of the day. In addition, early flights are most commonly preferred by business travelers so they will be the ones that already know how to handle security and as a result, the lines will move much more quickly. Like them, you have already learned the most recent rules about what will pass through security and what will get you stopped.

Show Your ID

When at the airport, you will always need to show documents that identify you. Specifically, you need a piece of ID such as your passport or driver’s license, depending on whether the flight is international or domestic, respectively, and a paper or electronic copy of your boarding pass ready to show to airport officials several times as you move through the process. Given the multiple times you’ll have to show that information, it’s best to not put it away until you are on the other side of security and ready to go to the gate. That one-step alone moves you along quickly through the different checkpoints of airport security.

Skip The Lines

It’s standard practice for airport security to create contained paths for people to move through to handle large crowds of travelers. That means that usually it is one long line moving up to the gates and then that line splits into several gates where various teams work together to get the travelers through the scanning stations. As you are standing in line to go through the gates, keep an eye on the different stations. Some stations will stop more people or their equipment is too sensitive so it is moving slower. You may notice that a new team has arrived and is preparing to open a new station. With a bit of maneuvering in line, you can hit that new station as it opens and move through fast before the lines accumulate there.

Another effective way to skip line-ups is to carry certain credit cards. At many airports, people who carry premium cards such as the American Express Platinum Card can walk straight to the front of the line. While the fees are sometimes expensive for these cards, they often come with other benefits such as travel credits and airport lounge access - perfect for meals, beverages, and access to quiet workspaces.

Do A Preliminary Scan Of Other Travelers

The biggest problem of getting through security is not you, it’s the other people who did not come prepared for this process. If you get stuck behind someone who is completely stumped by what is expected of them, it can take forever to get through the security check. Before you get in a line or even while you’re in a line, you can look over the people ahead of you and profile those who might cause a delay in the line when it’s their turn to have their items scanned and then walk through the body scanner. Examples of such individuals include “amateur travelers” who seem to have way more things than they should and/or carrying items they clearly shouldn’t such as a bottle of water, and also families with young kids. Being aware of the travelers around you is important because as people are split up to go to the different stations, you can simply avoid being behind people who will slow up the process and go to the fast lines to get through more efficiently.

Dress For Security Scan Success

You can cut down on how much you need to spend preparing yourself to get scanned before you even get to the airport. Consider wearing slip-on shoes that you can take off and put on quickly as opposed to boots and shoes with laces which will slow you down. Also, keep the amount of “stuff” you are carrying on you while going through security to a minimum. Put your wallet, keys and other small items in your carry-on or personal item before you even get in line. That way you won’t set off the scanner for wearing items made of materials that the scanners are sensitive to.  

Come With The Right Baggage

In addition to dressing appropriately for the security scan, using a carry-on that will pass through the scan without hassle, is also very important. A carry-on like the Ruebel carry-on is ideal as it will allow for easy and hassle-free travel. In fact, it is designed to save you time and simplify your travel experience to help you stay focused on what matters most - staying safe and enjoying your trip. With its exterior pockets, TSA-approved lock, and dimensions accepted by most carriers, it’s the perfect choice for hassle-free travel. If you’re ready to make traveling safer and easier, stay tuned for our upcoming product launch to learn how you can get your own Ruebel carry-on.


These tricks of the trade can make the beginning of your business trip much less of a hassle and get you to the departure gate more quickly. The security personnel will appreciate that you know what you are doing and you will in turn, help you move through the security with less hassle and allow you to focus on getting on with your trip.

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