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Three Tips For Safe Business Travel

Three Tips For Safe Business Travel

One of the things that you typically notice when you travel with a seasoned business traveler is that they have established certain protocols they follow to make sure they don’t have trouble on the road. These protocols are put in place to make traveling more enjoyable and even more importantly, safe. In this blog post we’ll examine three simple yet effective precautions you can take to ensure you’re making smart choices when traveling for business and therefore, arriving to your destination safely.

Avoid Crowds

Avoiding crowds can go a long way in helping you limit situations where thieves might target you. Specifically, check in lines are a place where thieves can target you seeing as you’ll be surrounded by lots of people and have key information readily available that anyone can get to with little chance of being noticed.

That said, you can avoid the check in line entirely as long as you plan ahead and don’t have any luggage you need to check in. To do so, simply use your phone to access your airline’s mobile app to log into your account and check in to your flight up to 24 hours before the departure time. This way of checking in not only allows you to choose your seat in advance and save your boarding pass to your phone’s digital wallet, it also helps you better plan for when to be at the airport in the event there is a change to the departure time. Additionally, it will speed up the checking in process since you can proceed directly to the airport security screening before going to the appropriate gate. 

Leave Your Cards At Home

In addition to getting away from crowded areas at the airport, think about securing your financial information before you even go to the airport. For one thing, you will find that at least some of the cards and documents in your wallet are not necessary for the trip. For example, you don’t need any cards that you won’t be able to use wherever you’re traveling to such as extra credit cards or rewards cards for a store specific to your region and/or country of residence. You only need one credit card and your driver’s license. So go through your wallet and cut down on what you are taking on the road as it will help you travel lighter and safer. If you want to take it one step further, you can also just upload or use your existing credit cards on your phone’s digital wallet, thus, eliminating the need for physical credit cards entirely.

Don't Take Unnecessary Valuables 

As with unnecessary cards, be sure to leave any valuables you don’t absolutely need for your trip at home. For items you need to carry with you, consider safer storing spots where thieves will have a harder time accessing. Put most of your cash and credit cards on a money belt under your clothing. When it comes to carrying your passport and/or driver’s license (depending on whether it’s domestic of international travel) carry a passport holder where you can also add a small amount of cash for making purchases at the airport such as water or snacks.

Travel Smarter

Along with these three precautions, always be in a state of awareness regarding the safety of your personal belongings as you travel. Watch your purse or briefcase and keep your head up at the terminal so if you see suspicious behavior, you can stay away from it. By keeping your own safety at a high priority, traveling safe will become second nature.

No matter how or where you travel, there are loads of ways our brains benefit from stepping out of our comfort zones and into the open world. Enjoy this moment, take it all in, and make room in your life for this experience to repeat itself over and over again. As with anything, having a solid backup plan can save you lots of headaches down the road of your travels.

Safe travels!

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